I’m René Lovecraft, a business owner, wife, and proud pet-mom. I started Lovecraft Virtual Assistance in August 2015 after waking up to find the startup I worked for as a virtual assistant closed its doors to 450 employees overnight. All that uncertainty can be scary, but I know a plan is the best place to start. After reaching out to the wonderful clients that found themselves without the support they needed I started my own company out of my spare bedroom in Everett, WA. It’s been a long road, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’ve had a passion for this work for longer than I’ve had a name for it. In college at Northern Arizona University, I used to gift friends with a day of organization. Often taking over their task list and giving them the gift of a completed to-do list and the organization that we all crave. I have a decade of experience as an assistant of all kinds; administrative, executive, and personal with backgrounds in start-ups, real estate, divorce, finance, medical, customer service, and more. 

I feel that more important than the rate you’re paying is the relationship you’re developing. I’m in every client relationship for the long term. We will spend a lot of time getting to know one another and will find a rhythm where challenging problems become simplified, and difficulties are easily overcome.

Lastly, as we work together I will learn what you want to share with others on your team, or people we communicate with, but my policy is confidentiality. I will not share, nor disclose any personal or private information which is shared with me in any way without your explicit approval.

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What can a virtual assistant do for you?

Processes & Procedures

Create & Implement Prospect Workflows

Implement New Technologies

Create In-House Training Resources

Delegation Coaching

Graphic Design

Social Media Content

Flyers and Handouts

Slide Deck Presentations

Odds & Ends

Social Media Management

Professional & Client Newsletter

Event Planning

Live Webinar Support

Website Updates & Blog Posting

Software & Technology Troubleshooting

CE Reporting


CRM Management & Set-up

Create Filters To Organize Inboxes

Create & Update Email Automations


Research & Gather Contact Information

Short & Long Term Office Solutions

Solicit Testimonials From Referral Sources

Client, Personal, & Professional Gifts

Anything You’d Google – Delegate It


Make Purchases

Manage Expense Reports

Create & Send Invoices

Collect & Organize Receipts

Pay Bills & Keep Accounts Up To Date

Scheduling & Calendar

Automatic Scheduling Software Creation

Scheduling Meetings

Confirming Meetings

Scheduling Personal Appointments

Managing Multiple Calendars

Calendar Integration Troubleshooting


Research & Book Travel

Research & Book Accommodation

Book Personal & Professional Restaurant Reservations

House & Pet Sitting Booking

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