VA Directory

Are you interested in joining a directory of top-notch VA’s and be paired with your dream clients?

After 5 years as a virtual assistant, I have met some wonderful VA’s as well as amazing clients that I’m not the best fit for, or don’t have the capacity to help. It is so important to me that every single person that reaches out to me for help gets the best matched, highest quality assistant for them.

This is why I started the Lovecraft VA Directory. It’s my way of pairing the best VA’s with their perfect client.

You set your price.
You choose your clients.
You only meet with potential clients that fit your wants and are ready to hire.
Your new clients get trained on how to communicate and work with you based on your preferences!

If you’re interested in joining the Lovecraft VA Directory I would love to hear from you!

Do you know someone who needs a VA and you want to refer them to me?

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